What If Your Date and Your Pet Don’t Get Along?

Fri, Jul 16, 2010


Part of the fun of dating is bringing someone new into your life and adjusting your routine to include a new person. That is great for you, but what about your pet? Your dog or cat might feel neglected, territorial, or left out when your attention goes to this new person. The person you are dating might also feel like he or she is competing with the pet for your affection or might not get along with your pet. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as they adjust to each other.

Give Them Both Time to Adjust.
Neither your pet nor your partner wants to feel like they are being forced to accept the other. Your animal has been accustomed to only having you  around for some time and some people are just not animal lovers. Forcing the situation will not change these issues, so lean towards letting things happen naturally.

Let Your Date Feed Your Pet.
When it comes to animals, food is the great equalizer. Have your date either give a treat directly to your dog or cat, or have the date prepare and serve food for the pet’s meal. Make sure the pet understands who is making the food, and after a few times, a positive association will be made.

Be Willing To Compromise.
You should not have to get rid of one or the other, but be willing to adjust some boundaries to make everyone comfortable. Take a walk in the park with your partner, but do it without your dog sometimes. Another thing you might try is training the pet to stay out of your bedroom. For the pet, you might want to arrange one on one time where you can give it attention that might have been missing when your partner was around.

As time goes by both your pet and your partner should adjust, but don’t take it personal if some tension remains. Manage the situation knowing you did your best to keep both happy.

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One Response to “What If Your Date and Your Pet Don’t Get Along?”

  1. Liz Says:

    If your new friend gives you the, “Me or the pet” routine drop the human. You don’t need someone that inflexible in your life. New friends are easy to get. A loving pet is a lifetime companion and will never desert you through thick or thin.

    AS someone once wrote, lock you better half in the trunk of your car for an hour and then the next day the animal. When you let them out after the hour, who do you think will be most pleased to see you?


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