When Is It OK For A Girl To Call?

Sat, Sep 4, 2010

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OK, it has been four days since my date with Robert — and he still hasn’t called. I’ve been going back and forth on whether I should call him or not. Should I call, or will I just appear desperate? Or, should I just take the hint that he’s just not that into me. I thought our date went so well — I can’t believe he hasn’t called me. Maybe he was married or gay. I finally find a guy I like, and he disappears. The losers call back so many times I have to block them in order to finally make them stop. Life can be so unfair. OK, I know reading this is probably just depressing you, and I’m sorry — but this is my dating life — either dopey or dumped.

If he doesn’t call within another day, then I think I have to call if only to satisfy my morbid curiosity. I wonder what about me he didn’t like. Maybe I can learn from it for my next date — or maybe he’s just a jerk and I should forget about him and move on to the next. Moving on from one loser to the next was much easier than giving up on a guy I really like. Please let him just call me. OK, I’ve have to go study before I get too far behind. I’ve been a slacker the past few days while engaging in self-pity. Anyone have an opinion on whether I should call him or not?


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